LPN Chairs Blog 10 December 2015

Submitted by Martin Stephens on 10 December 2015 - 3:48pm


Wessex Local Professional Network – Pharmacy

Martin Stephens, LPN Chair


I am excited to start in my new role as pharmacy LPN chair for Wessex – leading the network that aims to ensure people can benefit from all that pharmacy can offer. I know there are already many organisations and networks in health, so I’m determined the LPN will do only what adds value, what it is best placed to do – not simply create meetings or activity.


LPNs were created to bring together all sectors of pharmacy, championing quality and service improvements, supporting commissioners, providing clinical focus. I’m employed by NHS England for one day each week to chair the network and the network will have some business management support from within NHS England. However, what’s vital for success is the contribution of pharmacy leaders and teams from across Wessex organisations. Though I started the role in November, a steering group had already been brought together to begin to create the network – with LPC, CCG, Trust, NHSE pharmacy contracting, public health and academic members. I’m linking with the Academic Health Science Network and Health Education Wessex too, as well as with the wider health & social care community.


The LPN won’t be creating a new unconnected programme of activities but looking to ensure we create dialogue across sectors, problem solve where we can help and advocate solutions. The steering group identified transfers of care as an area to address and how pharmacy can help in urgent care seems a key area.


For those who don’t know me, I’ve spent the majority of my career as a hospital pharmacist – in various settings, done a three year stint as National Clinical Director, taken broader clinical leadership roles in the acute sector and my last few years as chief executive of Wessex AHSN. This chair is my only employment but I’m visiting professor at Portsmouth University and am doing some consultancy work co-ordinating ‘co-operation’ on medicines optimisation for the AHSN Network.


I’m keen to hear of issues and innovations in pharmacy across Wessex and hope to continue to meet pharmacy teams. My email is martinstephens@nhs.net  and I do tweet in a personal capacity @MartinSWessex .


This blog is in a personal capacity and represents my views not those of NHSEngland.


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